Computer Assisted Medical Interventions (CAMI) technology successfully brought Information Technology into the Operating Room to answer these demands but, with some exceptions, was yet unable to penetrate significantly into clinical routine practice. We proposed to take up this challenge by an integrated approach that combines medical drive and scientific & technological push, ranging from fundamental research to industrial exploitation. Importantly, our integrated approach will take into account educational issues and demonstration of a clear medical benefit at the level of Public Health.

Another instrument named “Integrated Projects” (IPs) was set inside the CAMI labex. The objective of each IP is targeting a well-focused domain on which short-term and mid-terms results in terms of medical and industrial applications are expected.

Six integrated projects, animated by each of the six laboratories involved in CAMI, have been launched: CAMMA in 2013, CAPRI in 2015, FLEXTER

and Augmented Endoscopy in 2016 and SIMPLE and Surgical Cockpit in 2017.


Surgical Cockpit  


Augmented Endoscopy