Computer Assisted Medical Interventions (CAMI) LABEX

Medical Interventions (surgery, interventional radiology, radiotherapy) can provide a significant boost for progress in terms of patient-specific optimal planning and performance. To fulfill patient’s demand for Quality, Senior Operators demand to see beyond the immediately visible, to be assisted in their real-time vital decisions and to accede to enhanced dexterity, while junior operators request to “learn to fly” before being left alone, and Public Health Authorities and companies require demonstration of the Medical Benefit of innovations.

Computer Assisted Medical Interventions: A new perspective through the CAMI LABEX

The Computer Assisted Medical Interventions (CAMI) LABEX strategic vision is that an integrated approach of medical interventions will result in a breakthrough in terms of quality of medical interventions, demonstrated in terms of medical benefits and degree of penetration of CAMI technology in routine clinical practice.

The Mission of CAMI LABEX

CAMI LABEX proposes :

  • to offer the operator the possibility to see beyond the immediately visible by innovative fusion of multimodal data obtained by novel or classical sensors.
  • to offer assistance to real-time decision-making through high-level planning and monitoring of the intervention.
  • to offer the operator a new dimension in intervention performance with miniaturized robots and solutions for augmented dexterity.
  • to reduce the learning curve by offering User-centered learning strategies exploiting the educational potentialities of CAMI technologies
  • to develop and validate an adapted methodology for the demonstration of the Medical Benefit of CAMI techniques.