[Filled] PhD offer: Image-based gesture guidance for auditory neuroprosthetic implantation

Offer already filled

Thesis location : LIRMM Lab., Montpellier / LaTIM Lab., Brest

Direction / Co-direction: Nabil Zemiti and Philippe Poignet, LIRMM (University of Montpellier, France), Guillaume Dardenne, LATIM (University of Brest, France)

Thesis start: October 2021

Thesis main objectives :

The ultimate goal of this PhD project is to combine intra-operative ultrasound (US) imaging with pre-operative CT imaging to enhance the visualization of cochlear structures and help cochlear electrode arrays’ insertion. To this aim, a new US-probe dedicated to cochlear navigation has been developed. The scientific objectives of this position are to develop 3D-US image reconstruction tools and to propose new algorithms for US/CT image co-registration and electrode segmentation and tracking dedicated to the developed probe for cochlear imaging.

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