List of PhD thesis defended in 2017

Duc Long Hung Nguyen, 2012-2017

Tracking de dispositifs et de structures pour le traitement endovasculaire des pathologies aortiques. 

Associated laboratory: LTSI laboratory, Rennes


Arnaud Huaulmé, 2013-2017

Modelling of Surgiqual Quality

Associated laboratory: TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble, In collaboration with LTSI laboratory, Rennes


Sophie Bruge, 2013-2017

Cardiac resynchronization therapy optimization by multimodal information fusion

Associated laboratory: LTSI laboratory, Rennes


Andru Putra Twinanda, 2013-2017

Vision-based approaches for surgical activity recognition using laparoscopic and RBGD videos

Associated laboratory: ICUBE, Strasbourg, In collaboration with LTSI laboratory, Rennes


Oussama Haddad, 2013-2017

Ultrasound bone tracking – Application to Total Hip arthroplasties

Associated laboratory: LATIM, Brest In collaboration with TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble


Konstantinos Mountris, 2014-2017

Biomechanical modeling for the intra-operative prostate radiotherapy

Associated laboratory: LATIM, Brest In collaboration with TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble


Fanny Morin, 2014-2017

Simulation biomécanique sous-contraintes de cerveau pour la compensation peropératoire du brain-shift

Associated laboratory: TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble In collaboration with ICUBE, Strasbourg


Olga Dergachyova, 2014-2017

Knowledge support for multi-granularity and real time modeling and recognition of surgical processes from multimodal sensors

Associated laboratory: LTSI , Rennes In collaboration with ICUBE laboratory, Strasbourg