PhD offer: Monte Carlo simulation of X-ray phase contrast and dark-field imaging for medical imaging and microscopy

Thesis location : TIMC Lab., Grenoble / LaTIM Lab., Brest

Direction / Co-direction: Max Langer, TIMC (University of Grenoble, France), Julien Bert (ACTION Team), LATIM (University of Brest, France)

Thesis start: September / October 2022

Thesis main objectives :

The main objective is to develop new Monte Carlo based methods for the simulation of phase contrast imaging. Since the physics of phase contrast imaging remains the same, the scope for application is vast. Here, three modalities are envisaged:

  1. X-ray propagation-based imaging
  2. X-ray speckle-based imaging
  3. Dark-field imaging and its relation to the SAXS signal

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