PhD offer: Decision Support for Inferior Limb Endovascular Revascularization

Thesis location : TIMC Lab., Grenoble / LTSI Lab., Rennes

Direction / Co-direction: Céline Fouard and Raphaëlle Spear, TIMC (University of Grenoble, France), Pascal Haigron, LTSI (University of Rennes, France)

Thesis start: October 2022

Thesis main objectives :

The objective of this thesis is to help improve the decision of therapeutic choices for endovascular revascularization of the lower limbs based on preoperative information of a given patient. The benefit of this decision support would be twofold: to optimize the choice among the set of therapeutic possibilities and to improve the technical planning of revascularization strategies. Today, the planning of such an operation relies essentially on the surgeon’s experience. The development of this decision support tool would be based on the operative results of past interventions and the experiences of several surgeons.

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