Laure Anaïs Chanel

Main information about the thesis :
Thesis start : November 2012

Thesis defense date : 3 march 2016.
Title (in French) : Assistance à la thérapie par ultrasons focalisés (HIFU) : Compensation des mouvements physiologiques par asservissement sur images ultrasonores

Associated laboratory: ICUBE, Strasbourg
In collaboration with LIRMM laboratory , Montpellier

Funded by the labex CAMI

The complete thesis manuscript is downloadable here

PhD main publications:

L-A. Chanel, F. Nageotte, J. Vappou, J. Luo, L. Cuvillon, M. de Mathelin. Robotized High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) system for treatment of mobile organs using motion tracking by ultrasound imaging: An in vitro study, dans IEEE EMBC, Milan, Italy, August 2015.

Thesis poster: