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Apply for Masters' Scholarships

* In order to apply for one of the Masters' scholarships, please send an email with a letter expressing your interest for the proposed topic and a vitae, to the supervisors named in the subject description. * Pour postuler à l'un des financements de stage de master, envoyer par email aux encadrants une lettre de motivation montrant votre intérêt pour le sujet ainsi qu'un CV.

File Proposal 1:Biomechanical modelling of the lung deflation for image guided thoracic surgery
Internship location: TIMC-IMAG lab, University of Grenoble, UMR CNRS 5525, France In collaboration with LTSI lab, University of Rennes, UMR 1099 UR1/INSERM, France Collaborators: Yohan Payan (Senior Researcher), Matthieu Chabanas (Associate Professor), TIMC-IMAG Simon Rouze (Medical resident), Miguel Castro (Research Engineer), LTSI Contact: Duration: 6 month, starting in spring 2016.
File Proposal 3: Dynamic evaluation of ankle joint and muscle mechanics in children with spastic equinus deformity due to cerebral palsy
Internship location: LaTIM (Brest) Lab. Internship supervisors: Sylvain Brochard (Associate Professor, Medical doctor, CHRU Brest, sylvain.brochard@chu-brest); Valérie Burdin (Full Professor, Télécom Bretagne, Collaboration: Bhushan Borotikar (Research engineer, Télécom Bretagne) Starting date: February/March, 2016
File Proposal 4: High frequency ultrasound and micro computed tomography cochlea image fusion for intra cochlear navigation
Internship location: LIRMM Lab. (University of Montpellier) Contact persons: Philippe Poignet (Prof)/ Nabil Zemiti (MC), LIRMM (Montpellier),, Tel: +33 467418561 Internship duration: 6 months.
News Item Master's Scholarships 2016 are now online!
Internship location: Paris, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie Lab. Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (ISIR) Internship supervisors: Jérôme Szewczyk, professor, ISIR, Starting date: beginning of 2016 Solid background in automatic control and image processing.
File Proposal 2:Mesh generation of anatomical structures: application in biomechanical simulation
Internship location: LaTIM INSERM UMR1101 (Brest) Lab. Internship supervisors: Julien Bert (Hospital Research Engineer, LaTIM INSERM UMR1101, Starting date: 2015 Required knowledge: - Computer science, applied mathematics, optimization methods, mesh triangulation - C/C++, GNU/Linux
File Proposal 6: Characterization and improvement of the registration process of a medical robot for needle insertion under CT-scanner
Internship location: ICube (UMR 7357), Strasbourg Internship supervisors: Bernard Bayle, Professor,, ICube Florent Nageotte, Associate Professor,, ICube Starting date: February 2016 Required knowledge: Student with major in computer vision and / or robotics Coding in Matlab - C / C++ / Open CV – Itk / Vtk Liking for both experimental work and theoretical developments. Liking for medical applications
File Proposal 7: Color-based dense tracking (of deformable organs) with occlusion
Internship location: ICube (UMR 7357), Strasbourg Internship supervisor: Christophe DOIGNON, Professor at ICube (University of Strasbourg) Co-supervision with Adlane HABED, Assistant Professor at ICube. Collaboration: possible interactions with TIMC-IMAG within the ongoing “Distributed endoscopy for assisted MIS surgery“ CAMI research project. Starting date: March 2016 Required knowledge: • M.Sc. Degree candidates with background in computer vision (including numerical optimization and signal processing) and with a strong interest for academic research. • Good programming skill in Matlab /C/C++/Open CV
File Proposal 9.Surgical Process Model analysis and visualization
Internship location: LTSI Inserm U1099, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France. Internship supervisors: Pierre Jannin, Starting date: February-March 2016 Trainee profile: Master or engineering school curriculum. Programming skills: C/C++, Qt, CMake or Visual studio. Would be of advantage: statistical analysis, data visualization, data-­‐mining knowledge. English (read,written).
File Proposal 10:Quantification and integration of myocardial diffuse fibrosis for CRT optimization
Internship location: LTSI Inserm U1099, Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France. Centre d'investigation Clinique et d’Innovations Technologiques (CIC-IT), Rennes, France. Internship supervisors: Mireille Garreau, Antoine Simon, Starting date: March 2016 Duration: 6 months Profile of the applicant: 3th year of engineering school (”école d’ingénieurs”) or M.Sc. (“master recherche”). Specialized in image processing, Machine learning, computer vision, image processing, OpenCV. Medical image processing skill would be a plus. Programming skills (C++ , ITK / VTK may also be needed). Strong interest in research and medical imaging. Ease of adaptation, good communication skills and good teamwork spirit
File Proposal 8: Seed segmentation in 3D ultrasound images
Internship location: TIMC-IMAG, Grenoble. Internship supervisors: Jocelyne TROCCAZ, , TIMC-IMAG Céline FOUARD, , TIMC-IMAG Collaboration: LATIM Integrated Project on Advanced Brachytherapy Starting date: 2016 (4 to 6 months) Required knowledge: Object programming experience is requested. Good skills in C++ are recommended.
File Proposal 11: Visual-based control of a robotized instrument for minimally invasive surgery
Internship subject supported by the LABEX CAMI, Internship location: LIRMM Lab. (University of Montpellier) Contact persons: Philippe Poignet (Prof) / Salih Abdelaziz (MC), LIRMM (Montpellier), , Tel: +33 4 67 41 85 57 Internship duration: 6 months. Required knowledge Experience and skills in mechatronics, C/C++ languages and real-time programming are mandatory. Good command of English or French is expected.
File Proposal 12: Ant colony segmentation approach for volume delineation in PET.
Internship location: LaTIM (Brest) Lab. Internship supervisors: Hadi FAYAD (Assistant professor, PhD, HDR, LaTIM, INSERM UMR 1101, Starting date: February/mars 2016 Required knowledge The successful candidate will have an experience or a good knowledge in C++ programming and image processing. An knowledge in medical imaging will be a plus.
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